On Sale Now – Season of the Crow by Barry D. Yelton

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On sale now – the sequel to Scarecrow in Gray, by Barry D. Yelton

The Civil War is over, but the battle rages on.  Embittered former Confederates bring down a reign of terror upon blacks and whites alike in North Carolina’s hill country. They soon collide with other ex-Confederates who want only to put the fighting behind them and live in peace. Once they were comrades in arms. Now these war weary men find themselves in a deadly conflict with each other.

A former Confederate Captain declares himself a Colonel and forms a “vigilance committee” composed of a band of murderous former soldiers and local criminals. They terrorize, rape and kill black people in a quiet corner of western North Carolina. Meanwhile a humble family of ex-slaves begins a treacherous journey fleeing persecution and violence in Charleston to find Francis Yelton, an ex-Confederate they believe will help them find a home free from the hate and violence of the plantation country.

Francis comes home but he and his comrades soon determine to return to Virginia to bring back the body of a fallen comrade. They endure a dangerous journey only to come home to a virtual cauldron of violence and fear. Once again they take up arms, but this time they are not fighting the Yankees. This war is with an enemy that seems as ethereal as a ghost but as deadly as any they faced with Lee’s army in Virginia.

On Sale Now – Scarecrow in Gray by Barry D. Yelton

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Strider Nolan Media has published this revised, second edition of Barry Yelton’s debut novel as a companion piece to the sequel, Season of the Crow, also now available

“We ran headlong through the woods and fields. Minie balls filled the air with that strange, humming sound. Every now and again I could feel the air whip my neck as one flew close by. One of the balls tore a chunk out of my left ear. Dirt flew up all around us where rounds ripped the ground. Men were cut down all around me, many dead where they fell.”

A peaceful hill country farmer from North Carolina, Francis Marion Yelton, is torn from his beloved family and thrust into the barbarity of America’s deadliest conflict: the War Between the States. Forced to become a soldier and fight a war in which he has no stake, Francis struggles to come to grips with this deadly new role.

Blood and battle threaten to transform Francis from a man of peace to a brutal warrior, and he struggles to cling to his ideals. Wracked with doubt and guilt, tormented by the violent acts he has been forced to commit, Francis looks to his faith in God and to the memory of his devoted wife and loving children to sustain him through the dark night of war’s savagery.

Battle after battle, through hailstorms of lead and waves of cold steel, Francis fights to survive. Will he ever see home again?

Barry D. Yelton has been an avid student of the Civil War for over twenty years. He holds a degree in political science with a minor in history and English. His books include the Civil War novels Scarecrow in Gray, Season of the Crow, and On Wings of Gentle Power, a collection of poetry.

The Sultan and The Khan by Richard Warren Field

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The sequel to the Award-Winning The Swords of Faith

1258. Mongol invaders have destroyed Baghdad, the spiritual capital of Islam. Resistance consists of small Muslim armies. Christianity, having seen its influence in the area weakened over the years due to the ultimately unsuccessful Crusades, faces the decision as to which side to support.

The Sultan and The Khan dramatizes a tale of diverse characters swept up in bloody battlefields and political turmoil. This is the sequel to The Swords of Faith, winner of the Bronze Medal in the 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards, and finalist in both the 2010 USA Book News Award and the 2010 International Book Awards in the category of Historical Fiction.