BARRY the Christmas Bat

By Michael S. Katz and Madison Cocchi

A beautifully illustrated, heartwarming Christmas story for children of all ages and religions.

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is on his yearly journey. But the night sky is so foggy that even Rudolph’s nose cannot light the way. Stuck in a barn to keep shelter, Santa and the reindeer do not know how they are going to finish their mission when a small voice pipes up. At first frightened by this different creature, Santa accepts an offer to help complete his journey.

Barry the Christmas Bat is a holiday tale about not being afraid of someone who is different, intended for children of all ages and all religions.

Author Michael Katz wanted to create a book that presented his own enjoyment of the Christmas holiday. His Jewish family has celebrated the season since he was a little boy, first with neighbors and later with family.  He believes that Christmas can be the best time of year no matter who you are.