Kickstarter ( is one of many crowdfunding platforms that are used by comic book creators these days to get their works funded and printed. Many high quality books are being made available on the platform (and other similar platforms), including books by large comic companies. This legitimizes the platform, and enables comic fans to find some really excellent books that aren’t easily available in stores. After all, there is only so much shelf space, but the Internet is infinite!

Strider Nolan Media has been using Kickstarter to fund its comic book projects, which enables us to hire some big name talents like Kevin Maguire, Darryl Banks, Keith Champagne, Netho DIaz, Jack Herbert, Fred Benes, and Bruno Abdias. Our comics are intended to maintain high in quality in terms of writing as well as art. Stay tuned to this website, or my Twitter account (@stridernolan13) for upcoming projects.

  • Michael S. Katz