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Alien invaders have enslaved Australia, left to their devices by the rest of the world. Humans are trapped in exoskeletons, forced to work as mindless slaves for their alien overlords.

One man is able to throw off his brainwashing. He is beset with flashbacks of memories from other alien slaves that had been forced to wear the same exoskeleton. This gives him the ability to use his exo suit to fight back, and launch a counterattack against the invaders.

With the help of a friendly alien and a civilian human, can our hero achieve freedom? Can he trust anyone in this world of fifth columnists and government sanctioned race traitors?

Written by Michael S. Katz. Art by Top Cow Talent Hunt winner Bruno Abdias. Edited by Keith Champagne.


Captain Future, a golden age hero from the 1950s, is trapped in suspended animation by his arch enemy. Seventy years later he is released, only to find himself homeless, friendless, and aimless. Our hero is a fish out of water and a man out of time, finding himself in a world that is violent and dark. Can Captain Future find a way to fit in? Can he find a way back to the past he unwillingly left behind?

Art by industry legend Kevin Maguire, Jack Herbert (DC Comics), Netho Diaz (Marvel Comics) and Keith Champagne (jack of all trades).  Edited by Ron Marz.


by Michael S. Katz and Fred Benes

Adventure, humor, sex and politics mix together in a new science fiction series of double sized comics.

RIOT EARP Special by Ron Marz, Darryl Banks, Michael S. Katz, Fred Benes, and Joel Souza
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Strider Nolan is always interested in publishing comic books, especially licensed products.


In partnership with Visionary Comics, Pinnacle Entertainment, and Image Comics, Strider Nolan helped publish the four part Deadlands series of solo comics by such talents as Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, Jeff Mariotte, David Gallaher and Steve Ellis. Reprints are available through Outrider Publications.

DEADLANDS (c) Pinnacle Entertainment, published by Image Comics.