Shadow S.E.A.L.


“The author exhibits strength, tenacity, courage and faith in a first hand account of being a Navy SEAL, who happens to be black! Don’t miss reading this book, it’s a moment in history, an example of the human spirit.”

“Be prepared to be whizzed through breathtaking, electrifying experiences in this absorbing thriller. John’s courage and relentless determination to serve with his team, in the face of great perils, advanced him to rise to the highest levels as a Navy Seal. John’s ability to forgive, despite the deep scars of racism encountered even as he navigated the deadliest challenges of battle, demonstrated his commitment to the principles of forgiveness laid out by Christ.”

“This is definitely a must read, even if you’re not interested in the Vietnamese War. Bravo and kudos to the authors for letting the reader in on this amazing real life story of a true American hero!”