Struben, Bernd – Rabbit Wars

The year is 2104. Humanity is disappearing, not with a bang but a whimper. 

For decades the human race has been slowly fading from the world, the result of an automated campaign of extinction. Self-replicating machines sterilize every man and woman they can locate. Anyone still capable of reproducing is hidden in underground bunkers in the hopes of replenishing mankind.

A group of survivors of child bearing age, including Andy and the pregnant woman he loves, are driven out of their hidden breeding creche by an unexpected attack. The survivors are forced to flee into the arms of a militant faction who believe they have finally found a solution to humanity‚Äôs dwindling numbers. But it is a race against time to put their desperate plan into action before mankind vanishes for good. Andy and his friends must withstand an all out mechanized assault if they–and humanity–are to have any chance to survive.