Kickstarter ( is one of many crowdfunding platforms that are used by comic book creators these days to get their works funded and printed. Many high quality books are being made available on the platform (and other similar platforms), including books by large comic companies. This legitimizes the platform, and enables comic fans to find some really excellent books that aren’t easily available in stores. After all, there is only so much shelf space, but the Internet is infinite!

Strider Nolan Media has been using Kickstarter to fund its comic book projects, which enables us to hire some big name talents like Kevin Maguire, Darryl Banks, Keith Champagne, Netho DIaz, Jack Herbert, Fred Benes, and Bruno Abdias. Our comics are intended to maintain high in quality in terms of writing as well as art. Stay tuned to this website, or my Twitter account (@stridernolan13) for upcoming projects.

  • Michael S. Katz

Shadow S.E.A.L.


“The author exhibits strength, tenacity, courage and faith in a first hand account of being a Navy SEAL, who happens to be black! Don’t miss reading this book, it’s a moment in history, an example of the human spirit.”

“Be prepared to be whizzed through breathtaking, electrifying experiences in this absorbing thriller. John’s courage and relentless determination to serve with his team, in the face of great perils, advanced him to rise to the highest levels as a Navy Seal. John’s ability to forgive, despite the deep scars of racism encountered even as he navigated the deadliest challenges of battle, demonstrated his commitment to the principles of forgiveness laid out by Christ.”

“This is definitely a must read, even if you’re not interested in the Vietnamese War. Bravo and kudos to the authors for letting the reader in on this amazing real life story of a true American hero!”

New from Bernd Struben: Rabbit Wars

International sci fi author Bernd Struben is at it again with his newest novel, Rabbit Wars, a post-apocalyptic vision of a future in which humanity is hunted into extinction by robots originally programmed for population control. A band of Australians of child bearing age must keep one step ahead of an overwhelming automated force as they try to do their part to repopulate the human race.

The Wind in the Willows of Bucks County

Strider Nolan Media was commissioned by the Heritage Conservancy of Bucks County, Pennsylvania to reprint Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, originally published in 1908. The text was modernized for easier reading by today’s youth (and adults), while at the same time remaining faithful to the original story and keeping its intrinsic whimsy intact. Original art, including full color paintings and black and white line drawings, was created by renowned impressionist painter Alan Fetterman. Details on how to obtain a copy can be found on the Heritage Conservancy’s website.

Season of the Crow

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On sale now – the sequel to Scarecrow in Gray, by Barry D. Yelton

The Civil War is over, but the battle rages on.  Embittered former Confederates bring down a reign of terror upon blacks and whites alike in North Carolina’s hill country. They soon collide with other ex-Confederates who want only to put the fighting behind them and live in peace. Once they were comrades in arms. Now these war weary men find themselves in a deadly conflict with each other.



The Sultan and The Khan

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The Sultan and The Khan dramatizes a tale of diverse characters swept up in bloody battlefields and political turmoil. This is the sequel to The Swords of Faith, winner of the Bronze Medal in the 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards, and finalist in both the 2010 USA Book News Award and the 2010 International Book Awards in the category of Historical Fiction.